We develop these Rollsliting machines and Rewinders particularly for the graphics industry, but they have also found many other applications,
such as cutting canvas and banners.

Rollslitting machine RG 1650








Orders and information you can contact Robart International BV, Zevenhuizen (NL).


The main features and advantages of the machine are:
  • Accurate adjustment of cutting width
  • Simple operation
  • Core diameter 2” and/or 3”
  • Material remains wound on roll during cutting
  • Cutting diameter up to Ø 400 mm
  • Easy exchange of blades for cutting varous materials
  • Blade protected on all sides for optimum safety
  • Standard variable rotary speed, suitable for different materials
  • 220V model (110V optional), so no need for power current
  • Roll lengths up to 3300 mm  

Rollslitting machine RGEconomic 1650 with digital system

Rollslitting machine RGEconomic 1650 with manual system